CD4Peace Participation in Geneva Peace Week 2021

We are honored to have submitted a video on climate refugees from a legal, cultural and social standpoint.

The climate crisis is no longer an abstract concept in today's society and cannot be questioned any longer. The new generations are increasingly aware of the consequences of human action on the balance of our planet. In addition to the impact of climate change on the environment, it is also causing a major population shift. Thus, many more countries and regions are facing the burden of displacements due to climate or environmental consequences. According to The Observatory on Climate Migration, 250 million people will be displaced by climate causes in 2050. In 2019, this figure stood at 19.3 million. The problems of climate displacements not only include political and governance issues but also the cultural depletion of the communities who are inherently dependent on their environments. Yet the international community is not taking enough mitigative measures and solutions to address the ramifications of this crisis.

In order to discuss the issue of climate displacement we interviewed Guillaume Charron, the Geneva Director for Independent Diplomat who is a specialist in migration and Patrick Taran, who is a specialist in migration, human rights and governance.

The video presents two different perspectives of the legal, cultural and social dimensions of climate displacement, thus demonstrating the complicated nature of the issues at stake for climate change and migration. The experts also propose the ways in which possible solutions and mitigative measures could be adopted at international and local levels while simultaneously insisting on the urgency of adopting such measures. This presentation gives a nuanced exploration that seeks to raise awareness about the multidimensional consequences of climate change.

You can watch our contribution on the Youtube channel of the Geneva Peace Week below: 


Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development for Peace