The importance of embracing inclusive vaccination processes

In Canada, the efforts pursued by the government to vaccine First Nation and Inuit communities pay off. The number of cases on Indigenous reserves has dropped by more than 85% percent since the beginning of the year. Vaccines have been administered in 612 indigenous communities which have allowed the vaccinations of 60 percent of the adult population from those communities. Despite recent jumps in infections in some of those communities, significant improvements are observable.

Recently Marc Miller, the Canadian Indigenous Services Minister, has highlighted the role played by the early deployment of vaccines in the decline of cases but has also praised Indigenous leadership and the work done by Indigenous communities in deploying efficient public health measures.

The Canadian example demonstrates the beneficial impact of the careful consideration of minorities and should serve as an example in countries where uneven vaccine distribution reflects pre-existing discriminatory social structures.

CD4Peace stands for the inclusive vaccination process throughout the world in order to promote sustainable public health.


Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development for Peace