Neo-Nazi Sympathizer in the French Army: The Problem of Radicalization

On March 16, 2021, Mediapart published an investigation regarding the presence of neo-Nazi sympathizers within the French army. The newspaper reveals that there are more than 50 cases linked to the neo-Nazi movement. Indeed, social media drew the attention on a video of the military encouraging children to make neo-Nazi signs in Guyana.

The Ministry of the Armed Forces, Florence Parly reacted very quickly by condemning these behaviors. The ministry raised some concerns following these cases and decided to take appropriate measures. Thus, to respond to this problem, a dozen soldiers were dismissed from their posts while investigations failed to convict twenty others.

Mediapart illustrated the lack of severity related to the sanctions and absence of vigilance concerning the neo-Nazi sympathizers. The Minister of the Armed Forces insisted on the fact that these are isolated cases and despite careful screenings, some soldiers may not be detected. 

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