Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development for Peace, -CD4Peace-, is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization, based in Geneva, established in 2018.

CD4Peace is an equal opportunity organization. It will give the opportunity for all individuals regardless of race, creed, colour, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, age, physical or mental handicap, or veteran status.

We aim to promote and protect Cultural Diversity Expressions and Sustainable Development to enhance Human Rights and to facilitate Conflict Resolutions and Peacebuilding around the world. We believe that with acceptance and promotion of cultural diversity, there will be a real possibility to achieve sustainable development; and conflict resolution will happen once we recognize diversity in the process of sustainable development. Cultural diversity and sustainable development are two wings for our world to fly in the sky of Peace.

CD4Peace seeks skilled, motivated and proactive interns that are interested in raising awareness of protecting the cultural diversity and human rights values. The intern will support CD4Peace through his/her contribution in the different areas of: media, advocacy, research and project program and administrative/executive tasks.

The unpaid internship will be tailored to the interest and skills of the intern in accordance with the actual needs of the organisation.

Basic (Main) Position Requirements

  • Completed an undergraduate program or is currently enrolled in one,
  • Excellent written and oral skills in English; French and other languages are an asset,
  • Openness to work in a fast-paced and flexible NGO environment,
  • Well understanding of and motivation regarding CD4Peace's mission,
  • Good communication and high value of teamwork.

Responsibilities and Task List:

  • Assist in all communication-related tasks: graphic designs, publications as well as working on the website, social-media posts, visuals for communication and media,
  • Monitor media to collect and publish relevant news (on the website as well as social-media platforms) and share them on social-media and website,
  • Communicate with the partners or potential sponsors,
  • Draft articles to publish on the website, translate in the three languages,
  • Find relevant events and conferences to attend and draft reports,
  • Prepare written and oral statements,
  • Correspond regarding the requested tasks and ensuring their administrative follow up and scheduling,
  • Collect data and assistance in the researches,
  • Assist and participate in projects planning, implementation and evaluation,
  • Organize and contribute the campaigns, side-events, meetings and seminars,

Please send your application to with the subject heading "{YOUR NAME}, CD4Peace Internship ", enclosing:

  • CV,
  • a one-page motivational statement in English describing your relevant experience and what you can bring to CD4Peace,
  • Your preference regarding which division you would like to be a part of: Cultural Diversity, Sustainable Development or Peacebuilding,
  • Your preferences regarding the starting date of the internship and your availability (part time/full time).

Recruitment Periods
Period 1

Internship period: March 1- July 31
Application Deadline: January 31

Period 2
Internship period: May 1- November 30
Application Deadline: March 31

Period 3
Internship period: October 1- April 30
Application Deadline: August 31