Gun Violence: A Threat to Cultural Diversity

The United States of America has been the land of the free in the eyes of the international community for generations. In recent years, however, escalating gun violence in the nation has pushed the international community to come to terms with the reliability of this admired democracy.
In the last week, newly elected President Joe Biden issued an order against 'ghost guns' which are homemade weapons that can be modified or created without a trace. Gun violence has proven to be a threat to cultural diversity. Victims of gun violence are often of Asian American or African American descent which suggests targeted efforts at racial discrimination. In addition to this, the escalating rate of gun violence has proven to take a toll on the peaceful environment within the nation as individuals live in fear of being next on a list of victims.

CD4Peace reiterates that it is vital to have a strong institution in this regard as States need to accept the responsibility of violence that occurs within their borders.


Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development for Peace