The Green Middle East Initiative's Contribution to Climate Action

Asia and the Pacific remain one of the worst-hit regions of climate change. The extent of damage incurred at local, national, and continental levels remains unparalleled. However, there remains growing climate action, positive goals, and attributions towards protection.

Saudi Arabia, along with its partners in the Middle East, has announced the planting of 50 billion trees over the next decade. This directly provides for increased green economic planning, support for livelihoods, and afforestation for carbon reduction. It directly corresponds to target 13b, of the SDG 13 to promote climate action in developing states.

CD4Peace welcomes the Green Middle East Initiative. We recognize the potential of the project, to extend environmental protection, to refugees and build green livelihoods in the region. We remain concerned with the inefficient sources of energy in the region and call on states to fulfill their targets and international obligations as defined by the Paris Treaty and the Kyoto Protocol.


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