Hsaing Waing

Hsaing Waing means literally the circular drum play and is a traditional music ensemble of Burmese people. It consists of many instruments such as the Pat Waing, Kyi Waing, Hne, Pat Ma, Muang Hsaing, Hne, Chauk Lon Bat, Byaung, Wa, Wallet Kok, Yakin, Si, and Mong. The Burmese people are very fond of these instruments as they symbolize their cultural identity. The Hsaing Waing can be heard in public events, religious ceremonies and in plays. Before British colonization in 1885, there were various ornaments on the Hsaing Waing. In wealthier areas, the Hsaing Waing were sacred as the instruments were decorated with ruby, gold, and emeralds. The instruments in rural areas are only painted yellow and red and thus not sacred.


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