Preservation of Cultural Heritage in Uganda

In Uganda, protecting areas severely affected by climate change means ensuring the preservation of cultural heritage.

Climate Change impacts communities in a very disproportionate manner. For the communities living in the Rwenzori Mountains, in Uganda, a one-degree warmer difference can have disastrous consequences, such as floods and drought, which makes it more difficult than ever for these communities to sustain themselves. Growing food is made difficult by extreme weather phenomena. Sometimes, the consequences of the shifting weather are even heavier and lead to material destruction in villages and towns. Last year, when five local rivers burst their banks after heavy rains, houses and schools were destroyed in the event. If the name of the mountain, Rwenzori derives from the Bakonzo translation of "place of snow", deforestation and the melting of the glacier have drastically changed the local landscape and destroyed places of rituals.

CD4Peace stands for the promotion of cultural diversity and the protection of traditional customs of rituals. We support the efforts pursued by Bakozo communities in finding solutions to mitigate climate change and protect cultural heritage in the region.
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Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development for Peace