For the Labrador Inuit community, facing climate change is becoming increasingly exhausting.

With ice melting in the Arctic and the growing unpredictability of the weather, Inuit communities are forced to rethink their ways of living. Thin ice makes daily activities such as seal hunting too dangerous. The traditional weather-predicting methods are said to not work anymore. Additionally, Inuit communities are isolated, and interaction between them is made difficult by the melting of sea ice. The Labrador Inuits have to be more resilient and adapt to those changes. According to members of the community, the continuous need to find new ways to adapt to climate change consequences is hard and they have been impacted mentally, physically, emotionally, and even culturally. They have developed what some call 'Adaptation Fatigue'. 

CD4Peace acknowledges the difficulties the Labrador Inuit community is facing as a result of Climate Change. 

We believe the cultural heritage of the Arctic region should be protected at all costs by Governmental agencies and International Institutions. The expressed suffering should be heard.


Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development for Peace