54th Human Rights Council Concluding Analysis

Concluding Analysis

Due to the overlapping nature of our concepts, it is nearly impossible to have one without the other. Being conscious of this, we attempted to only focus on the most prominent aspects of each pillar present in any specific meeting. With Peacebuilding and Cultural Diversity featuring in only three of the eight reported meetings we recognize the need for further future engagement. We believe it is important for paths to peace to be adopted and for their processes and mechanisms to be allowed to evolve in order to properly address the trauma left behind and attain the stability promised by the future. We would also insist on further considerations regarding the effect of Cultural Diversity on the acceptance and credibility of human rights mechanisms. By allowing for the added perspectives an atmosphere of cooperation, communication, and comprehension can be fostered. Sustainable Development seemed to be the primary focus of many participants as five of the eight reported meetings directly called into reference one or many of the Sustainable Development Goals. This reveals an ever shifting insistence at the international level to preserve a variety of things for future generations and is fundamental in moving forward. Acknowledgment of goals not being met, and progress not being made only reveals the attention being given to other sectors, though this does not detract in any way from the final goal of the human rights mechanisms, but rather, reveals the necessity of evolutionary ideas and pathways within the international mechanisms to ensure that nothing is being left behind.

Giving Thanks

CD4Peace would like to take a brief moment to commend the incredible and vitally important work done by every participant within this Council. We praise the energetic and insightful views of the United Nations, its member states, and NGO/NHRI participants. The dedication shown by presenters is beyond expression and the overall contribution to human rights advocacy beyond exceptional. We wholeheartedly endorse those participants who present and advocate on topics related to our three foundational pillars. We thank the international community for their continued advancement of human rights standards and their insistence on maintaining as fair a balance as can be expected in the constantly growing and shifting global context. CD4Peace champions the integration of Cultural Diversity, Sustainable Development, and Peacebuilding within international humanitarian mechanisms, and we are delighted to witness greater acknowledgement and engagement on these fronts.

Author: Eileen Vis

Uploaded: October 19th 2023


Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development for Peace