Monitoring Escalating Conflicts

Protecting Citizens From the River to the Sea 

The situation is getting out of hand, and the international community has every right to protect the people of Palestine. We at CD4Peace support those who are in need in this catastrophe, click on this page on the impact of the issue. 

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Exploitation at its Finest: DRC Edition

Probably the worlds's most resourceful nation but also the world's most cursed nation. What can the people do when they do not what is happening to their homes because they are numb from the silence of the world. Have a view on this issue and be more informed on how this issue should be brought in front in the eyes of the world. 

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A Land of Possible Anarchy: Ecuador

Life with gangs and violence is not something anyone should wish upon. This terrible tragedy is uprising and is getting deadlier day by the day. See more on the issue and get informed

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Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development for Peace