Our Vision and Mission

Cultural diversity is the peaceful coexistence of various cultures and mutual respect for their values, beliefs, and traditions. As many of the world's cultures are in close contact and constant interaction with each other, we can characterize the international community as a highly diverse one. With respect to majority rights and their role in the democratic decision-making process, cultural diversity principles prevent further political and economic marginalization and discrimination of minorities.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals have been designed within the framework of the 2030 Agenda in order to achieve long-term sustainability. Sustainable development refers to the intelligent implementation of policies and strategies in order to direct the development of societies toward a healthy, fair, and responsible path. Sustainable development brings humans and nature together by calling for the reconsideration of our political, social, and economic systems, based on principles and values that equally benefit humans and their natural environment.

Today, the process of sustainable development lacks some essential parameters such as tolerance, equality, and respect for cultural diversity. CD4Peace aims to build a bridge between the two disciplines in order to foster an atmosphere favorable to the implementation of new policies that will soothe deep societal hardships on a long-term basis.


Cultural Diversity and Sustainable development for peace