On the 16th of November 2018, the world will be celebrating the International Day for Tolerance.                                 

On that occasion, CD4Peace wishes to reaffirm its commitment to the promotion and protection of cultural diversity worldwide.

We believe that if countries with high levels of cultural diversity recognize the richness of their population and embrace it, they will demonstrate the valuable and positive traits of their national identity.

One could say, cultural diversity is all about tolerance. There is no real respect for cultural diversity without taking tolerance into consideration. Tolerance is the main step toward a world of empathy and unity.

This is why we take the opportunity, on this special day, to encourage all people around the world to embrace difference and not only tolerate the various manners, beliefs, and traditions of those surrounding them but also seek to understand and learn from them.

Starting locally, tolerance must spread globally to foster an atmosphere of cooperation, supporting the self-determination of the people, protecting their individual and collective rights, and allowing for a peaceful co-existence of diverse cultures and peoples.

Let's be more tolerant of each other (and of ourselves)!

#InternationalDayforTolerance #CD4Peace


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