Resource Management Expertise from Indigenous People

A recently published UNFAO study shows the vital role indigenous communities and food systems could play in ensuring biodiversity protection and sustainability. The study analyses the food gathering habits and lifestyle of 11 indigenous communities from diverse geographies, concluding that they have "one of the most sustainable, self-sufficient and resilient [systems] on the planet" (UN News 2021), able to generate over 70% of their dietary needs without harming their environment or depleting natural resources.

The UNFAO however warns that traditional ways of life are being threatened and they must be supported so their traditional knowledge is not lost and can inform biodiversity protection and sustainability in the future.

CD4Peace reiterates the importance of the global fight against climate change to preserve the planet's natural heritage and we, at CD4Peace, strongly believe that indigenous cultural wealth is a valuable asset to address environmental degradation.


Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development for Peace