Diablo Huma

The Inti Raymi (Festival of the Sun) is the biggest festival of the indigenous population in Latin America. Diablo Huma (also known as Aya Uma) is a central personality of the Inti Raymi. It is believed that Diablo Huma frightens off the "Demons of crops*. Most importantly, Diablo Huma dances on three counts during the festival to be connected with the sun, moon, and earth. The outfit of Diablo Huma consists of a coloured mask with two faces, which represent the duality of the cosmos (good and evil, sun and moon, day and night, future and present, North and South), Moreover, the hair of the mask depicts cornflowers and wisdom. According to historical sources, the four ears of Diablo Huma's mask symbolize the four directions and the four elements (water, earth, fire, and air). In addition, Diablo Huma wears a whip to Illustrate the power and authority. The feet are covered in "zamarro, which is a garment made of animal skin, to guide the participants of the Inti Raymi.


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