Disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic to the healthcare system in Africa

The new global report illustrates the massive disruptions that have been caused to the health systems by the Covid 19 pandemic in Africa threatening to reverse the already made progress. Disruptions, particularly in the health service delivery for HIV, TB, and Malaria, have been caused by the decline in outpatient consultations, lack of access to health facilities due to lockdowns and stay-home orders, or even lack of finances to access healthcare services.

Kenya's drastic shortage of Antiretroviral drugs (ARVS) and test kits as a result of delayed supply of the drugs due to the disruption caused by the pandemic is a good example to illustrate this. The Ministry of Health in Kenya urgently outsourced some drugs from other pipeline sources and restocked the facilities around the country to counter the setback caused by the delay in the supply of the drug and ensure continuity supply to patients. Desperate times call for desperate measures, therefore reevaluation of the distribution of resources had to be done to create an emergency fund to ensure sustainable financing of HIV interventions, which is one of the such setbacks the government is experiencing during the pandemic, a contribution towards being self – reliant and achieving universal coverage of health.

CD4Peace highlights the importance of developing sustainable infrastructure that could guarantee equal access to healthcare for people throughout the world.


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